Sunday, March 03, 2013

Mystic Tawang

Tawang or "the one by the horse" is certainly one of the most beautiful places in whole of north east.It's a small town with a strong buddhist connection.Overseeing the valley is the imposing Tawang Monastery, The second largest in Asia.The people are very simple and it's not a rare sight to see shops left unattended for hours. Clean air and breathtaking sceneries will sweep you off your feet.There are a couple of good hotels in Tawang which also offer decent food.Be prepared to eat lots of momos and noodles.While you are in Tawang, do Visit the Bhumla border post and Shungetsar lake.Plan to eat lunch at Shungetsar lake(packed lunch).Do invest in a good transport (4wd) while foraying ahead of Tawang as roads are usually in a very bad state.I do not recommend buying souvenirs from there as nothing is made locally but procured from Bagdogra and Darjeeling. Do ask for "Sonam" to any localite and he would direct you to the the most popular "TANKHA" maker of Tawang. His paintings are very beautiful but equally expensive.There are a few night clubs in Tawang that play decent music. You can expect some local crowd after 2100hrs.While visiting the monastery, request any senior monk to bless the prayer flags that you may want to carry back home with you.You can also visit the manjushree home for kids and the Tawang War Memorial.Spend little time to learn how the indo- chinese war was fought at the memorial.On your way out of tawang stop at Jang Falls.

Saturday, March 02, 2013

Road Trips to North East

As a preview to the series that will follow i will be talking about road trips to 5 out 7 north eastern states.Spanning almost two years, i was very fortunate to travel extensively through Sikkim, Meghalaya, Arunachal Pradesh,Assam,Manipur and Nagaland.I'm thankful to everyone who assisted me in these trips.I will be talking about places in no particular order or format. These places left an impression in my heart and i would like to share it with you all.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Back to this world !!

Every day i wish i could see you just once more, hold and cuddle you, come home to your mischievous games. see you eating, play with you. and such innumerable things that we both loved to do. you sat and heard all my stories. flash!! you left me with just memories. I wish you had waited for me. The mountains held me, want you to know i did fight, I tried to come to you with all my might. I'm sorry i left you. I'm sorry i made you go away, so far that i can't undo !

Friday, October 21, 2011

a stuck tape, rattling loudly " what is good enough" !
i could walk the sea, eat fire
glide the birds, hold the tremors
stop the time.
jump the mountains , hide the sea
measure the sky.
walk every mile,step every stone
hold mask in every finger
swap it with every desire
in a man lies a small soul
a little dream.
hold it !

Monday, May 02, 2011

Oh Osama!!

when i heard the news of Osama bin Ladens death i switched on the news channels to get the latest updates.The world was speculating how osama could live in such a sensitive area and yet not be detected for 5 years. if the news reports are to be believed he was living in a $ 1 million mansion with his Arab bodygaurds and his youngest wife. He had no phone lines and no internet. The thrash of the house was being burnt inside in the premises and access was restricted to outsiders.
i wish i could have met him once before he was killed and ask why on this earth did he decide to go hide in pakistan? really ! why pakistan?
so much for being trained by CIA.Well, if safety was his concern than all he had to do was take a flight to mumbai, kill some people and surrender! We specialize in providing air conditioned rooms and high security to terrorists. we would have taken good care of him and would have ensured he got the best of the food and medical treatment. I'm sure in no time he would have penetrated through the high moral fibre of our political structure and with the help of a few would have got all the facilities in his cell. he could have been on FB. Imagine the fun !
He could have also met the national hero Mr kasab and discussed some future attacks and laughed at us ! maybe he could have motivated Kasab to be the next osama bin laden! but as we know it's too late.
after all he is to be blamed for his own death. I'm sure Mr. Kasab will agree !
When i MET Vampire

Sitting in Curlies , sipping on KINGS and relishing Prawn curry rice , i met the Vampire.Yes, the one all of us have grown up seeing in hollywood movies.Dressed in Goan shorts and proudly displaying his little paunch , he seemed no less than a ordinary man. My curiousity got better of me and i walked up to him and introduced myself.Realizing i had kept my friends waiting , we exchanged our e mail ids. i recently sent him an email. This is his reply :

Dear Niranth,

What's your blood group like? Kidding :)
Dude, really! i have moved on.Well, you need not be formal, i encounter similar questions very often.I hope thise mail would answer most of your questions. Yes, it's true i have stopped attacking humans and drinking thier blood. Now, i don't need to.I have become omnipresent.Some call me Management and some Clients, some Just managers and some prefer Team leads.I'm very happy here. I get official authorization to suck blood out of people without them realizing.Of course , I pay them peanuts , but dude who would mind it. have you ever tried buying blood from a bank? Moreover i get them to work and overwork at odd hours and holidays.If this was not good enough , i get paid for this by my masters and when i do a very pleasing job of it , i manage a bonus.
This should explain why bollywood doesn't make movies on me.You guys have got sick of me.
Anyways i got to go now.Catching up with some friends at Tito's.

Lots's of blood

Couple of lines for all those who love goa. penned them down and thought would share it.Go goa :)

if goa was a Chic , who would not want to date her!
she's hot and she knows how to make you sweat!
she warm through the day, lovely at night.
before a date,she gets even me to the gym,
she's expensive, but she's cheap.
she loves you and your budget too.
She let's you dance. she let's you play
those who desire - she lets you sway!
she's fun , she's adventures
some ride the waves , some conquer the blaze
she let's you ride her, she let's you explore her.
she let's you dive down , she makes you go high
she makes you dress up, she makes you dress down
you can live her forever, you can meet her once in a while

Friday, January 28, 2011

it's a small little bee in this huge room
so lost so tired
she has no breath to lose , use it all to fly
from a window to another, mistaking the filament
for the distant sun.
she's determined to find the way out,
to escape the walls that restrict her life,
she knows no other way
but to live in the open and touch the sky

Monday, December 27, 2010

Dream, Hope and Truth

If god could afford any leniency I would beg it should be for all those struggling for life in an intensive care unit. It takes no time for one to feel the pain one must be enduring lying on that bed. I could not run away from it either. This boy, all of 22 is no ordinary man or no ordinary soldier; he’s a dream. He worked hard for four years to wear the uniform he always dreamt of. If his record of performance is anything to go by, he could redefine the term excellence beyond its connotation. Behind him is a man, who stood proudly as he witnessed him, passing out with an academy level appointment, an honour every officer dreams of. His father is also the hope, the driving force that his son will regain his form and prove his metal in the years ahead. He’s the pillar of strength and a man whose hopes know no boundaries and no science. He’s merely a loving father.
The Truth is. This boy is a soldier. He will Fight through everything and emerge a winner in life. The truth is, Human will power will conquer science and time. The truth is, He wasn’t meant to be there. He doesn’t deserve to and nobody deserves to. The Truth is, sleeping in a bed with no sensation, with screws holding the head to the collar bone, with multiple fractures on vertebrates is no pleasure. The truth is, Be responsible! Sometimes life forgets to give a chance!